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HELP! I have a new tablet, what does it do?


Finally, you have gotten the device you were salivating over and having gotten it back to your place and “carefully” opened it, you are ready to play with your new toy — only to find yourself completely lost! Apart from the learning curve with any new gizmo, you may perhaps be facing things like hardware issues, missing the Android Market, and little to no instuctions included.

Assuming you have not purchased a “craplet” a crappy low end consumer tablet that does nothing it should and brings out emotions that would only be censored here, I will provide some basics to get you comfortabletly, (couldn’t resist), on your way.

The Android Market:
Google’s applications that run on Android — we’re talking Gmail, the Android Market and the like — are not free and open source. They are subject to whatever rules Google uses to determine which manufacturers can include them, and which can’t. With 50,000 to 100,000 estimated apps it is at the same time daunting and exciting!
But, if Google’s core apps aren’t installed on your new tablet, you’ll have to find a way to get them on there yourself. If you’re comfortable enough to root and move a few files around, it’s probably pretty easy. Find the right version of Gapps for your screen size and Android version, and use trial and error to get them in place, but always know how to wipe and restore your device back to factory settings before you start.

Hardware Issues:
Every device potentially can have them. Looping boot sequences, units that won’t turn on, and systems freezing and crashing. A lot of times, there are easy fixes that have been figured out after talking with tech support. So always buy a device that has readily accessible tech support, otherwise you will spend days sometimes searching forums and blogs for the answer.

Basic Utilities:
Setting up WiFi or managing your multimedia are simple but often peculiar to the interface of the particular device you have, but the basics remain the same. Wi fi for example:Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi-Fi Settings/Enable/Dis-able Forums are really the biggest quickest help here.

The Google Android Tablet is competing in a relatively small market with the Apple iPad being the main competition. However it has a competitive advantage in that it is the new kid on the block so to speak.

Its current target audience is the iPad audience and anyone who wants to purchase an alternative to the iPad. Their main targets are teenagers and young adults who are current and up to date with popular culture and digital media.

The Android OS appears to be becoming a popular operating system for companies and is significantly less expensive. the Google Android Tablet is steadily receiving praise and attention. I believe that the 7 inch version will be the most popular with mobile professionals and the 10.1 version with students and the younger entertainment driven niche. I also believe that the 7 inch tablet will go against Apple’s belief of no market and do what the iPad did, create a previously un-known niche.
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