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Time to Choose: Google Android Powered Tablet vs iPad?

A quick synopsis for your tech and non tech appetite.

Customization: While Apple tends to maintain a choke-hold on the user experience Android-based devices typically allow users to configure the interface to their likings and replace stock components as they choose.

Applications: Compared to Apple’s highly controlled app development and approval, Google’s Android Market for apps allows anyone to submit and publish programs without scrutiny. Android-powered devices — except as regards those that run on AT and T — also let users download apps from unofficial third-party sources.  These qualities should  be a staple of   Android tablets.

Flash: I have used Android tablets with flash 6, 7 and 8, Apple has long forbidden that on its mobile computing devices, The existence of an open app marketplace could also mean immediate support for tethering, as we’ve seen happen via third-party utilities on Android phones.

Why is there no Adobe Flash on the iPad? Adobe says it’s not because it’s buggy, as according to  Apple, but because Apple is protecting revenue streams derived from content like movies and games. If users could watch free TV shows on Hulu or YouTube ( my kids actually do watch old Disney movies like Mickey Mouse on YouTube), they wouldn’t buy them through iTunes.

And finally OPTIONS: There is only one iPad, but there are now a slew of Google Android powered tablets, Samsung, Archos, Dell  and a host of ePad/aPads,  if you are not caught up in name recognition snobbery,( and realize that the majority of the devices are all mad in the same factories, just badged differently), you can save a whack of money.




February 17, 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. same reason I only use Linux OS on my computers.. I have the freedom… I choose how I want my system to look and run and the Google Droid seems to offer that freedom.

    iPad no Flash?? 3/4 of the internet needs flash to view pages properly..

    Comment by Harvey Lord | February 17, 2011 | Reply

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