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1) What are the requirements for Adobe Flash on Android?
Android 2.2 and a CPU better or equal to the Cortex A8 CPU.

It may be possible to run Adobe Flash Lite on older CPUs, as in HTC devices. However, there is not been a significant effort to actualize this.

There is a version of Flash (Flash Lite) that does work on some ARM11 legacy devices such as the Zenithink ZT180, but in most cases this does not work well.

2) Can I view animated GIF in Android
The feature of animated GIF files for the web browser was added between Android 2.1 and Android 2.2. All devices Android 2.1 can be configured to run animated GIF files after modifications to system files. However, as GIF files in the browser are demanding on the CPU and memory, it is usually a disabled feature even on Android devices shipping with Android 2.2. There are still issues with viewing GIF files as individual files.

3) Can I view my calendar and email offline with my Android device?
Yes. The easiest way to do so is via the included Google applications on your device. You will need to sync your data to the device periodically by connecting to the internet, where your device your retrieve your data from the Google cloud. Supported Google services include but are not limited to Gmail and Google Calendar.

There are also third-party applications to perform such tasks.

4) Can I watch videos on my Android device?
Video support for Android devices vary, depending on the chipset and associated video decoder employed on the device. Flash video depends on support for Adobe flash. However, some web services such as Youtube have videos formatted for mobile devices and does not require Adobe flash to view.

5) Can I rotate the screen on my Android device?
Many Android devices have built in G-sensors (accelerometers) that detect the orientation of the device and rotates the screen. However, this may not always be implemented correctly, or disabled altogether.

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