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The Ultimate Browser for your Android Tablet

There as so many iterations of the Google Android tablet, from branded to un-branded that many of us tend to use them in a very limited capacity compared to the fullness of what they offer. Since web browsing is a major component of why they are purchased, take a gander at the Dolphin HD browser.
Here is a copy of what they outline on their site, and it is pretty comprehensive as to what it will do.
New Powerful Add-ons
First Android browser supports add-ons, including extensions and Themes. Apart from some usual add-ons in Dolphin Browser HD, some more powerful add-ons could be used on Dolphin Browser HD 2. Adblocker, Password Manager, Screen Cut. The main application would be more lightweight, faster and stable. More add-ons will be coming soon.

Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
The first and the best Android browser supporting multi-touch pinch zoom. The control is much more responsive and smooth.
Built-in pinch zoom code, enables multi-touch feature even your system does not support one!!!
Support for double-tap zooming. Zoom in or out on web content for more comfortable reading.
Zoom in and out of pages by pinching your fingers together. Support for double-tap zooming. Auto fit the web page to any screen.
Eclair Engine
Android 2.0 Platform (Eclair Engine) offers faster performance and more stable, advancing with Android operating system, providing you with the most developed experience.
Support for HTML5.
Compatible with Froyo 2.2
Perform better on Froyo 2.2 and most exciting thing is that it could support flash on Froyo engine.
Smart Address Bar
New address bar features auto-completion. When you type, it automatically completes your input by searching from your bookmarks and browsing history to anticipate your destination and fill in the full address for you.
Help find bookmarks quickly. You don’t even have to remember the name of the site.
New Interface
Slide left to access bookmark side bar to choose bookmarks or view most visited sites; slide right to access add-on toolbar, a quick way to choose add-ons. Cut off the tedious processes when using add-ons, really cool layout. It could save a lot of space while browsing and made dolphin run faster.
Gesture Commands
Create your own gestures with your own unique pattern & decide what they do for you. Enter a website or back, forward, etc.
Set specific letter for certain URL, no need to open menu & choose from a flood of bookmarks, you can enter your favorite websites by drawing a gesture with your own pattern.
Preset gestures are easy to use, too.
You can enter gesture setting by clicking the hand sign on the left bottom corner, tap the gear on the right bottom corner.
Compact page toggles (GWT)
View Internet website in a simplistic way, cutting pictures & ads, reorganizing website into a more suitable layout for mobile, saving you network flow if necessary. You can find Mobile View (GWT) button in MENU- MORE or access it in add-on toolbar
Desktop Toggles (User Agent)
View web pages not only in android style, but also PC & iPhone styles available.
Tabbed Browsing

Offer PC tabbed browsing experience on your mobile device, with a maximum of 8 tabs.

Slide to switch between tabs.
Volume Key Page Scroller
Scroll the web page using volume key, convenient for one-hand-control.
Long-hold the keys can go to top or bottom of the web page.
RSS Feed Detector
Thanks to the built-in RSS reader, you can scan the latest news, information, and articles from thousands of websites in one simple-to-read, searchable article list that it assembles for you.
Detect RSS feed when visit a web page. You can subscribe it with Google reader. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in, saving your time by not needing to visit each site individually.
When you see a RSS icon on the left side of address bar, you can click it to subscribe the RSS Feed.
Bookmarks Sorting
Customizable sorting of bookmarks. Sort bookmarks base on individual preference. Make bookmark sorting a smarter one.
Bookmarks can be viewed in list style or thumbnails style.
Easily rearrange your bookmarks in the bookmarks bar by dragging them up or down, only applicable in list view mode.
As you drag over other bookmarks, they slide away to make room for the one you’re moving.
Save Web Page
Web pages can be saved in HTML format. When you want to capture some information in a webpage, you can save the page for later reference.
You can find save web page button in MENU- MORE.
Save Bookmarks to SD card
You can export bookmarks to SD card by installing add-on Bookmarks to SD.
Support for Themes
Themes features different styles are provided to users, like CocaCola-style, ocean-style. You can frequently change your browser’s skin according to your mood.
Share Web Pages
Simplify your bookmarks with custom names. Instead of using the default site names, which are often long and unwieldy, give them names you’ll remember. It conveniently prompts you to choose a name and location as it adds each bookmark.

So go ahead , give it a try, I highly recommend it personally!


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