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A resistive touchscreen panel is a technology composed of several layers, the layers that allow control of positioning are two thin, electrically conductive layers separated by a narrow gap. When your finger, presses down on a point on the panel’s outer surface the two metallic layers come in contact at that point, and that location is sent to the device – to perform some action or move the cursor. Resistive touchscreens are reliable, but can only be used to control a single point at a time.

capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO). Since the human body is also an electrical conductor, touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the screen’s electrostatic field, measurable as a change in capacitance. Different technologies may be used to determine the location of the touch. The location is then sent to the device to be interpreted. Unlike a resistive touchscreen, capacitive requires contact with your finger – it is much more flexible and precise, but you can’t use it with gloves, though you can use a capacitive stylus if the device supports them. Capacitive touchscreens also support multi-touch operations that let you perform more complex tasks with a single action.


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