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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich now available for Ainol Novo 7 Basic- MIPS architecture

As promised, refreshing in a world of broken promises, ICS has been released by Ainol/MIPS. It has been an exciting anticipation, and with MIPS throwing their hat into the tablet micro-processor race, tablet prices for solidly built, great performing, excellent designed, all in all, just wonderful devices to have and use, have gone down!
The dual cam 1GHz device only lacks skype video, and if you are a member of the main tablet forums, many developers are not waiting for skype to release the MIPS version, they are working furiously themselves to get it out!
With BlackBerry Playbook OS2 Beta launch, there was the hope that the Android emulator through apk files would open the world of Android Market. But the apps have to be converted and only a handful have been, leaving the BBP still as a hope in terms of consumer usability. With a native email app still in the ‘design’ phase as RIM says they do not want a sub par push email on the device, that ship is still on the high seas, no exact deadline as to when it will come in. Soooo, with the Ainol having a striking resemblance to the BBP, a happy medium has been reached.
The native email on the Ainol chimes with email receipt often ahead of my Windows 7 laptop, and even sometimes before my BB 9860! Wow indeed.
(btw here’s a tip for non speaking Chinese users of Android tabs in general- the Chinese language games that come on your tablet, just click on the left button when presented with 2 options- seems to be YES- and you can navigate to the main screen of the game, and since most of them are intuitive , you can have a lot of fun, even with Chinese language script all over the page-try it! I have played war games, first person shooter games, I have even played battlefield games that way.)
So as MIPS says, enjoy an ice cream sandwich while using MIPS.

If you would like a copy of the ICS file or instructions on how to update from OS 3.2 Honeycomb- send me a message through my website, and I will forward same to you at no charge. (Put ICS needed in the subject)


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