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5 apps for benchmarking your Android device

Benchmarking apps are useful for measuring the performance of your device and comparing the scores with similar devices. They test the performance of processors, graphics systems, Web browsing, and more. Here are five benchmarking apps for Android devices that you can use to see how your device measures up:
Quadrant Standard Edition
Quadrant Standard Edition tests CPU, I/O, and 3D graphics. After running through the tests, you’re required to submit the score to the company’s servers in order to see the results. The bar chart shows your overall score and compares it with other devices.
Linpack is a benchmark that’s been used to measure the CPU performance of some of the world’s fastest computers. Now, you can use the same benchmark to test your Android phone or tablet. The final score is given in MFLOPS and is a quick and simple test of your device’s performance. People who use custom ROMs and overclock their Android systems often use Linpack to monitor performance improvements.

Neocore was originally developed by Qualcomm to test its Adreno GPU but can be used to measure the 3D graphics performance of Android devices with non-Adreno GPU’s. Scores are provided in FPS.
AnTuTu tests CPU, RAM, graphics, database, and SD card components and provides scores for each component as well as an overall score. It’s similar to Quadrant Standard but AnTuTu allows you to see all subscores. Once the test is completed, you can view your score in a nice bar chart next to other Android devices. As a fun option, you can also submit your score to the AnTuTu servers to see your device’s world ranking.
Vellamo, like Neocore, was developed by Qualcomm. It measures the Web browsing performance of Android devices in four categories–rendering, javascript, user experience, and networking.

All the above are available for free from Android market and other markets. But remember, Android is a multi-tasking operating system where there are always many systems and/or apps running. Applications are constantly being shut down and turned on. Quadrant scores will always fluctuate somewhat from test to test for that reason.


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