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Quick Tips: Caring for the battery in your tablet

1. Don’t let the device fully discharge. If you can, try to only let it get down to as far as 30- 40% and then plug it in to charge…

2. Charge via the USB port more often. The slower charge (lower voltage) will take longer but if you are plugging it in overnight anyhow, why not? Also, don’t use anything that claims to be a “quick charger” or “fast charge” as they often employ an over-voltage technique to quickly charge the device. This can and will damage the battery over time if not immediately. (Here’s an interesting add on- Recently got the Samsung Galaxy Note ‘phablet’ and saw in another review NOT to use the USB to charge as the trickle charge is so low for this device it will shorten the battery life!)

3. DO NOT, use your device with a 100% charge while being plugged in. This is one the quickest ways to kill your battery. Heat and keeping the battery at 100% all the time are very bad for Li-Ion batteries. Your device is portable, so stay unplugged until you hit that 20 – 30% mark.

After all the main feature of a tablet is portability, and if your battery is supposed to provide 4 to (in some cases)9 hours of usage, all of a sudden drops to one hour, you are likely to park that expensive toy, rather than lug around a charger!


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