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reprinted by permission from Tablet Republic

Malware writers make money in several different ways, some apply only to mobile platforms, some only to the desktop and some to both. The main ways are:

1) Infecting the phone with an App what sends messages to premium SMS numbers (e.g RuFraud)
2) Stealing passwords and/or credit card details. These then allow cybercriminals to access bank account, make online charges or access sites like PayPal.
3) Scareware or Fake AV. These malware programs scare users into buying fake anti-virus software or encrypt files and then force the user to buy an unlock key.

There is of course SPAM which is very profitiable and stealing legimate email addresses while knowing what interests the recipients can make lots of money. This is what Google does with AdWords but in a legimate way!!!

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  1. Hi. I am hoping you can help me. Is there any way to display the Android screen on a PC including a video? I don’t want to do anything to the “root” of my phone to do this. I simply want to demonstrate an app that my company has developed that works on the Android and its hard to do on a small screen. Thanks! All the solutions I’ve tried, including screencast, certainly don’t work without alot of trouble.
    Thank, Nancy Leonard

    Comment by Nancy | February 28, 2012 | Reply

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