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Bmorn v99- my review for Tablet

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Bmorn V99 review by franz

CPU Allwinner A10 1.5 GHz
OS 2.3
Memory 512mb DDR3 Ram, 16GB Nandflash built in
Extend Storage up to 32GB via micro sd card
Screen 9.7 inch Capacitive 10 point Multitouch Screen IPS
1024*768px 4.3 aspect ratio
Audio Built in Stereo Speakers
3.5MM headphone jack
Video 2160P HD
HDMI Out Port
1 Mini USB port
1 OTG USB port
Wifi b/g/n
1.5GHz Allwinner A10 CPU
Battery Built in Battery 5000mAH
Camera dual 2mp

Running OS 2.3 since I have yet to find a version of ICS that is considered stable, the first thing that will grab you about the device is how slim and sleek it is. It is a slim as the iPad 2, ever so slightly wider and ever so slightly taller.

The build feels very good, shaking the tablet you won’t hear any loose cable or parts, and I think it feels better than the Novo7A. The weight while solid is very comfortable to hold with one hand while navigating with the other for extended periods.

Colors look very good on Bmorn V99, vivid and intense. The screen does look good when you crank up the brightness to 75-100%, which will drain battery faster, but for my eyes way too bright for continuous viewing. I set it at 40% to save straining my eyes. The viewing angles are very good on this IPS screen., and where the Novo 7A had a weakness if viewed from below, this device had the same view from all sides, making gaming or watching a movie with one of my kids peeking in no problem whatsoever.

I have full Android market access and in fact I was able to access more apps than on my Ainol Novo 7 advanced . You can easily watch the Youtube videos, with detailed clarity. I used SKYPEfor video calling and chatting, flawlessly, with no distortions, as if I was using my laptop.


1.Build quality
2. Dual cam
3. Low power consumption = good battery
4. Excellent video
5. 10-point touch
6 Reasonable price
7. Ports well located on one side with exception of earphone jack
8. Good UI
9. Dedicated volume and return buttons
10. HDMI- makes gaming on a 100 inch projection screen awesome


1. Firmware is still 2.3 with 4.0 ICS still not considered stable.
2. No dedicated case or screen protector for us neat freaks!

I will be doing a FULL review with a longer video showing the viewing angles and game playing capabilities in about a week, (using a wide angle video camera!) and further when a stable ICSversion is released so check back! I have attached a video uploaded to youtube using my BlackBerry.


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