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LTE vs HSPA- synopsis

So what’s the big deal with LTE? In a word, SPEED. The LTE network is markedly faster than the HSPA+ network, both in regards to raw data rate and the latency or “ping rate” when surfing.
This refers to the time it takes to send a request to a server and get a response back. Web pages typically include hundreds of small images, each of which must be individually requested by the browser. Latency will slow down this process on each and every request.

DSL or cable internet connection have ping times in the 10 to 40 millisecond range, but with HSPA this goes way up to 80 to 200 milliseconds. On LTE you’ll typically see ping times in the range of 35 to 80 milliseconds. The difference between LTE and HSPA is often startling. Even if LTE had the same raw data rate as HSPA, it would still seem faster due to lower latency.

Signal penetration on the Rogers LTE network in Toronto is about equal to the 1900 MHz HSPA network. This isn’t surprising since LTE in Canada presently operates on 1700 MHz.
The usability of LTE far exceeds that of HSPA, especially in fringe coverage situations. While raw speed does degrade on LTE as the signal gets weaker, the latency remains remarkably consistent. HSPA on the other hand sees a marked degradation in latency right along with a drop in raw speed, making it difficult to use HSPA in circumstances where LTE still feels like its flying along.

LTE is a terrific data network and it beats HSPA hands down in virtually every situation. It’s faster and it’s snappier for web browsing. In day-to-day use it provides exceptional performance under conditions that leave HSPA gasping for breath.
Full article at Galaxy S II LTE.htm
excerpted with permission of Steve Punter/author, with thanks


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