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in mobiles you have limited space to deal with which makes browsing and your phone slow in case of decreased storage space which happens due to cache files from apps, call history logs, messages, browser history and other such items. .To go to each app and delete their cache on a regular basis will surely irritate you and waste a lot of your time.
“1Tap Erase” helps you erase all the above mentioned data with just one tap saving lot of your time, and it is a free app which can be downloaded and installed directly from “Google Play”.

In the App homepage the various options available to choose from which will help you delete unwanted data with just one click. The following options are available to choose from:

Call Log: incoming, outgoing, missed
SMS/MMS: sent, received, other
History: Browser history
Google Play Search
Google Map Search
Gmail Search

You can select the particular options which you want to be cleared. In case you do not want sms/mms memory to be deleted you should un tick the option and tick any of the options which you want to delete.

1Tap Eraser can be configured into Blacklist vs whitelist contacts, Blacklist vs whitelist URLs which will let you erase only the selected contacts and the selected urls from the browser history. This can be done by first selecting the desired contacts or urls from the history and adding them to whitelist which will protect them from being erased.

1Tap Eraser also has an option of Auto Eraser which lets you schedule erasing or cleaning up schedules which will delete your unwanted data saved in your device automatically.

Give it a whirl!


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