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A quick wrap up of info for the Novice

Android Tablet Buying Guide: How to Choose and Buy Best Tablets

Since the introduction of Galaxy Tab by Samsung on September 2010, there has been countless tablets have been launched and the successor of them has arrived. Its just 20 months since we first saw the Android tablet and look at the Android tablet market now. Now the users who are looking to buy Android tablet have host of options and this is also the reason of their confusion too. With only limited tablets in the market it will be clear to make a choice but with countless number of tablet available in the market, its difficult to judge which tablet you should choose to buy.


6 Specifications to Look for while Buying Android Smartphone / Tablet

With year coming to an End and if by any chance you wanted to k now on what are the mantras for buying the best smartphones, then we will guide you so that you can buy the best possible smartphone at an affordable price. We will tell you on which core specs you should focus on before finalizing to buy any smartphone / tablet. Many times we have been asked about on which phone is better, though it’s difficult to keep on a track on the phone launches as almost every day one or other smartphone is launched. There’s no Greek or Latin in this Smartphone buying guide, everything is explained in simplest possible language. So, let’s proceed to the Smartphone tablet buying guide. Though we will be covering all the latest from the World of Android.


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Onda v811

First Impressions:
Package:The box is very sturdy- always like to see good packaging, with the picture on it being of Steve Nash a Canadian basketball player- found that ironic that a China tablet had that on it- maybe they change the picture depending on the region?!

Form: The tablet itself feels very small, even compared to a 9.7 and of course compared to a 10.1 it feels diminutive, almost like an eReader. But that said, for mobility, the 8 inch size is great. The buttons are not recessed and the on/off button has a slightly cheap feel to it. It comes well appointed with the usual input/outputs.

Screen: When you turn it on, you will be impressed by the IPS screen- it is awesome. I don’t think people realize that just because it says IPS means it will look great. Compared to the Ainol…hmmmn, -which one is better….hmmmn… a different experience, but both look to be equal in sharpness with maybe, just maybe, the Ainol taking this one.

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MK 809- new RK 3066

MK 809 pics 2

MK 809

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Ainol Novo 10 Hero Review by DFranz

First Impressions: In a word WOW!- Pleasantly surprised to see that Ainol has now created a substantive packaging that is neat and feels like quality. Open the box and take the tablet out and what you are holding in your hand is an iPad styled 10.1 inch tablet. Sleeker than the measurements themselves suggest, this is just like that venerated iPad 2, in a 10.1 inch widescreen format.

See the complete review at:

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Mele F 10- Air Mouse remote for tv sticks

Mele F10

I have one on order, and I will add my hands on impression to this review from Andropos at tablet republic, when it arrives.  In the meantime enjoy this great review, and check out for more!

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FYI- tv stick- mini pc- wave of the future-now!

Copied from check the site out if you want current info on all things Android.

11-16-2012 02:27 AM #54 andropos

Originally Posted by dfranz
Hi Andropos- I am really clueless here. I have a basic understanding of the USB TV stick genre- but what do people mainly use it for? Is it for gaming primarily, or really to be able to hook up to a 40 plus inch tv instead of using an Android tablet 10.1 inch being the largest form?

Andropos reply to me:
I had the same question before i got one my self, i went on saying: why would ppl buy a TV dongle for 60-70USD when they can just get a 7-inch tablet for 90-100USD, hook it up via HDMI to TV get the same thing plus the fact that it still can be sued as a tablet.

Well here is the deal, our life’s are centered around more and more digital content and most of it connected to internet, so by connecting a TV dongle to your TV and making it into a smart TV is bringing some of the content you consume infront of you PC screen, tablet or phone to the big screen where it can be shared with more ppl at the same time in your living room. Also this solution is much better then the smart TV function on newer TVs, as they are usually much slower, heavily modded and very limited, a TV stick gives you the full Android experience, control to customise it to your needs at low cost and great performance. And its so small that it sits behind you TV and if you TV have USB port there is no need to extra AC adapters and is always there when you turn on your TV

Last night i managed to run Linux on Uhost1 and managed to use it for downloading torrent files using minimum of power during the night, see this thread:
Wifi on Lubuntu

There are endless of possibilities and every person may use it in different ways, here are soem examples how i use it every day.

1. Watch 1080p or 720p MKV movies file via USB / HHD that i downloaded on my laptop on 47-inch screen instead of my PC monitor
2. Stream HD video files from my NAS via DNLA
3. Watch video on demand movies from different content providers
4. Watch TED in HD resolution
5. Watch Youtube with friends
6. Watch different online TV stations
7. Push photos and videos from my phone /tablet via DNLA to share with others on large screen

….and much much more.

Most of these things i had to do sitting infront of my PC or by connecting my PC / laptop via HDMI to TV, now i can turn of my PC and do all do all this using a 5V TV stick giving me the comfort in front of the TV and even saving on electric bills not having the PC on 24/7.

Once you get one and use it there is no way to live without it.

I concur with everything Andropos had stated above- and having since tested the uHost 1, with the uHost2 coming shortly. I spent the first night with it hooked up to a 40 inch tv and 3 hours later, game night with the kids was called to an end, so I could get them off to bed. I will hook it up to the projector next, just because I want to kill those annoying Angry Birds in 100 inches of screen real estate, and hear their soothing noises magnified with 1,000 watts of surround sound!

They are convenient, and think back to when we first started carrying USB sticks to friends houses to transfer movies and files, this is what’s coming- and its already arrived!!


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Wi-Fi hotspot tethering for free!

No more need to do complicated root script editing!

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S3 vs iPhone 5- and the winner is…..

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Google TV stick the future of your television!

The Uhost 2 is about to be released on December 5th, 2012- in the meantime to whet your appetites, take a gander at the UHost review.

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