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Android Tablet Buying Guide: How to Choose and Buy Best Tablets

Since the introduction of Galaxy Tab by Samsung on September 2010, there has been countless tablets have been launched and the successor of them has arrived. Its just 20 months since we first saw the Android tablet and look at the Android tablet market now. Now the users who are looking to buy Android tablet have host of options and this is also the reason of their confusion too. With only limited tablets in the market it will be clear to make a choice but with countless number of tablet available in the market, its difficult to judge which tablet you should choose to buy.


6 Specifications to Look for while Buying Android Smartphone / Tablet

With year coming to an End and if by any chance you wanted to k now on what are the mantras for buying the best smartphones, then we will guide you so that you can buy the best possible smartphone at an affordable price. We will tell you on which core specs you should focus on before finalizing to buy any smartphone / tablet. Many times we have been asked about on which phone is better, though it’s difficult to keep on a track on the phone launches as almost every day one or other smartphone is launched. There’s no Greek or Latin in this Smartphone buying guide, everything is explained in simplest possible language. So, let’s proceed to the Smartphone tablet buying guide. Though we will be covering all the latest from the World of Android.


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  1. Thanks for the articles and links.. Quite some useful info here! 🙂 I’ve been going through the decision struggle for a while now..
    Could you help me with top 2-3 options to choose from (within a $250 range), for a tablet with greater than 9″ screen, and at least 1280×800 res. My main preferences are battery life, and full play store compatibility. Great sound and camera would be beautiful! 🙂 I was considering Ramos W30 or Aionol Novo 10Hero or Novo 9 Firewire.

    Thanks in anticipation..

    Comment by Jas | December 31, 2012 | Reply

    • Sorry for the late response- just saw this comment.- I would suggest Ramos w30, followed by Ainol Novo Hero. The firewire is sluggish and the Retina screen sucks a lot of battery life

      Comment by McSuccess1 | February 21, 2013 | Reply

      • But Ramos just has 5400 mAh battery.. Won’t that suck bigtime on backup time?? and further if I go for the Ramos W30HD it’ll be worse? right?!
        And when you say Ainol Hero.. I’m guessing you mean the actual “Hero” model, not the Hero 2 Quad core?

        Thanks again.

        Comment by Jas | February 21, 2013

      • Ainol Hero yes- the ATM quad core is a very bad choice- W30 HD soaks up power, the W30 outperforms what you would expect from the 5400 size- also can use Juice Defender to extend the life. I have one arriving in a week or two to do my own stress tests on, will advise.

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 21, 2013

      • Thanks.. Much apreciated.

        P.S. – Just saw the Pipo M9 pre-sell page on Pandawil.. I’m more inclined there now 🙂

        Comment by Jas | February 21, 2013

      • I would stay away from Pandawill!
        Which country are you in?

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 22, 2013

      • I’m in India! Any better trusted option?

        Comment by Jas | February 22, 2013

      • I can try and arrange something from one of my old suppliers- check the forums you will see about Pandawill, nightmare stories-

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 22, 2013

      • Okay.. 😦 I got reference from a forum only.. I think.. But it’ll be great if you could suggest me a link!

        Comment by Jas | February 22, 2013

      • My old site is I only do special order tablets now- I didn’t ship to India- but let me know which one you decide on and I will check for you- price ship info etc.

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 22, 2013

      • Well.. I’m interested for Pipo m9 or else the W30.. If you’re sure that W30 can offer good performance with at least 6 hrs battery life then sure.. else will have to research for a better model.. 🙂
        Thanks .

        Comment by Jasreet | February 23, 2013

      • read my review of the Ramos- to India would be USD$325 incl shipping with tracking number. If you want DHL shipping that’s an additional $45.

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 23, 2013

      • Hi Jas- check out my forum in pre-launch- – u are able to register now if you like- some good info already there

        Comment by McSuccess1 | February 26, 2013

      • Hi Jas- did you check out my new forum?

        Comment by | March 4, 2013

      • Hey! Yes, I did.. I registered as well.. am just waiting for the Pipo M9.. will buy that when it comes.. but how come your pricing for Ramos W30 to India is $325 where as others have it much cheaper.. whether mcbub, pwill, etc.? Can u ship m9 too maybe? 🙂

        Comment by Jas | March 5, 2013

      • Hey Jas, what nickname did you register under? Those other sites will have tablets $30 to $50 less sometimes because of how they do business- if you read the reviews you will see what I mean, I stand behind what I sell and offer follow up advice after sales, they don’t. I know of several customers who dealt with them before me! The Pipo M9 is $325 and the Ramos w30 is now $315- registered air mail to India

        If you are on Facebook you can like my page Android Tabz, and just set up a twitter account, @AndroidTabz

        Comment by | March 5, 2013

      • I understand that and appreciate all your help and info given.. It’s just that I’m trying to keep the budget as limited as possible, since I need this for my dad.. If i like what I get, i’ll definitely get 2 more of these for me and my wife.. 🙂 but month by month.. I registered under the nick “Jsmonu” at the forum. Let’s take the conversation there or FB etc. Also, so do you recommend the pipo m9 over ramos then? Is it a good deal then?

        Comment by Jas | March 5, 2013

      • Ok Jas, will send you a pm in the forum

        Comment by | March 6, 2013

  2. i really love android tablets because they are very responsive and low cost tool..

    Most recently released blog post on our very own blog page
    <a href="

    Comment by Eugenia Valentino | January 9, 2013 | Reply

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