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Jelly Bean

For many of us we clamor for new and improved, while some like to be ensconced in comfortable old and known. Sometimes we have no choice but to roll forward and adapt accordingly. Which category does JB fit into for you?
Jelly Bean explained very briefly- (I hope!)

What is the hype about? Well, the main complaint with Android was it is slow and has lags vs the Apple iOS. Android 4.1 aka JellyBean aims to smash that notion with its ‘speed boost’ technology aka Project Butter. Super smooth and lag free is how it is described, and with it running my Ainol Novo Hero dual core, I can attest to that! For me, Project Butter is all I needed/wanted/required.

Technically-” it has extended vsync timing to all drawing and animation, tripled the graphics buffering and……


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