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The purpose of this blog is to help everyone understand the world of Google Android, especially in the burgeoning field of tablets, in a simple format. There are blogs and forums that you need a Geek Degree to comprehend. I think simply and therefore I will write simply. I encourage all readers to send me comments/questions/blog suggestions here or and  like the AndroidTabz page on FaceBook:

I am a beta tester of Android tablets and devices both for and Tablet check out some of my reviews-

McCellular logo- VendorScreenshot (1) McAndroid World– located in Toronto, Canada– Toronto, Florida, China

Many of the questions I am sure to get asked frequently are user related, and oftentimes a simple explanation unravels building frustrations and as with the BlackBerry,  I would like to help you avoid launching your tablet at a wall! I believe that tablets are taking over due to mobility because of their size and weight. Smartphone sales were up 87% in 2010, and computers only up by 6%. In 2011 the tablet market  started to revise those figures. So if you need help, hopefully I can provide it for you!



  1. It’s nice to know I can find simple and helpful sites, out “there” in this ever expanding world of Technology. Thanks mc! Oliver

    Comment by oliver schimpl | February 15, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you fro your useful post in techrepulic. You made a review of AInol Novo 10 Hero. I would like to know :-

    1. of a reliable online seller
    2. if the tablet still in great condition and still satisfied with it after so much months usage

    thank you

    Comment by Abdel | January 8, 2013 | Reply

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