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S5 wireless charging!

According to PhoneArena’s tipster, the Galaxy S5 will sport a 2,900 mAh battery – that’s 300 mAh more than the Galaxy S4′s, and the battery will also support rapid charging like the S4 and Note 3, allowing it to fully charge under two hours.

The S5′s battery will also be a new type of Li-ion battery that can store 20 percent more energy than batteries currently on the market, allowing it to offer more battery capacity in the same size as a lower capacity battery not using the new Li-ion tech. These batteries are made by Amprius, a battery startup based in Silicon Valley, and have been shipping to smartphone makers recently, and the Galaxy S5 could become one of the first smartphones to be powered by one.



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Mc Android World


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SwingByte on Android

read more info on the forum :

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Sweeter and sweeter!

Android 4.4 Kit Kat Will Be Next Version Of Android-

As soon as Android head Sundar Pichai tweeted the image of a KitKat-themed Android statue on the lawn at Google, it was on. The official KitKat twitter account got in on the fun, and the Android KitKat website went live with a confirmation that it was indeed going to be Android KitKat. What’s more, this is not Android 5.0. This is 4.4.
The Android KitKat site has a neat little retrospective of the entire Android version history and a bit of info about a contest. Special Android-branded KitKat packaging is heading to stores, and you could win a Nexus 7 or Google Play credit by checking the wrapper. So, no Google isn’t going off the reservation and stealing a trademarked name. KitKat is working with Mountain View, but Google has said that neither Nestle nor Google paid the other for this arrangement. The contest will be offering up 1000 Nexus 7 tablets, 150,000 $5 Google Play credits, and 20,000 coupons for a free bag of 8 ounce bag of Kit Kat Minis. It all kicks off September 6th and runs through January 31, 2014.
Android 4.4 Kit Kat Will Be Next Version Of AndroidWe don’t have any features or release date details as of yet, but the next version of Android can’t be far off now. In fact, Google tends to release new versions with new hardware, so maybe the new Nexus phone is on the way too.
Nobody has the official release date as of today, although rumours are pointing for a launch of the Nexus 5 and release of Android 4.4 kit kat.

Source  Android Criticskit_kat_android

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3 High Performance chips for Android- coming soon!

octa 5


If you think Android tablets are fast now, take a look at what’s just around the corner.
A bevy of new, more-powerful chips are coming to Android tablets near you in the not-so-distant future. Everything from CPUs to GPUs, on-board memory and other processors will be getting some serious upgrades. You can expect improved gameplay, fluid browsing, and increased battery life among other features, as entries from Nvidia, Samsung and Qualcomm hit the market.;topicseen

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ThL W7 Phablet review by Jupitor 2012


5.7 inch Capacitive IPS Display, 1280*720 pixels, PPI=258;
MT6589 Quad Core Processor;
3.2MP front-facing Camera & 8MP rear camera;
Android4.2 OS;
Dual SIM Card Support;
Priced at only RMB 1,699 ($275)

The Good

The IPS display on ThL W7 is absolutely gorgeous, having more screen real estate in general is awesome. Objects are larger and clearer, and that obviously carries over to touch targets, which means fewer failed pokes.

The W7 has wonderful build quality, every detail has been taken great care of, and the metal wiredrawing pattern of the plastic battery cover gives the device all the expensiveness it deserves.

The MTK MT6589 Quad-core Processor is a decent choice as Soc., everything happens very fast on the W7, and I have experienced zero lag.

The cameras, both frontal and rear, are ideal for daily usage.

The Bad

The design of the device clearly falls into the category of Galaxy Note2 copycats, for a manufacture which aims to build a name for itself, copycatting is not a smart move, why not show some innovative ideas of your own, ThL?

For a phablet product with a power-consuming 5.7 inch display, the W7 has only featured a 2,300mAh Li-PO battery, which can hardly support an entire day of intense use.

Despite all the benefits the W7 might afford because of its size, it is still uncomfortable to hold for quite a number of users. One handed operation is very difficult, and this could be annoying if your left hand is occupied by something else.

Ultimately, there’s no getting away from the fact that the ThL W7 is a niche device, if you can get over its size and the fact that it is another Galaxy Note2 copycat. It’s priced at only $275, making it one of the most cost-effective phablets in the market.
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Octa 8 processor


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Playstore leaks!


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Google now and your boarding pass!

I just love the continually expanding ease of use of the Android/Google ecosphere!

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FaceBook Home on Android- who’s in?

The long awaited news finally broke: you will be able to further live your lives through the virtual world of FaceBook- yyyaaaaayyy?!?!?!

Facebook Phones

The first devices launching April 12th. The Apple iOsphere will not have it.

Who is looking forward to this hitting the tablet world!

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